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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Greetings from Dumb Head, Alaska

Can I just share with you how NUTS I am??? I thought it would be so much fun to pick up a 5K while we were here in Alaska. So Noah, Abbey, & I all talked about it. "Do you want to run?" "I don't know... are you gonna do it?" "Well, I haven't decided - that's why I asked you! Ha!" "Well, I kinda do & I kinda don't..." "Yeah me too." "I think it would be ok..."

As you can tell, this went on this way for a while...

One thing, though, I really wanted to do it & get a t-shirt. You know race people... "Will Run For T-Shirt"... And we all wanted a t-shirt to wear back home that said, "Hey! We ran a race all the way up in ALASKA!!" So it was decided; Let's race!!

So can I just tell you EXACTLY how much I am paying for that little moment of insanity???? Aaaarrrrgh! WHAT was I thinking??? This morning my feet hurt, my hips ache, my legs are so sore and stiff I can barely shuffle down my sister's hall. And going to pee... Oh the agony!! I never thought I'd want to 'hold it' because I didn't want to have to assume the position on the toilet! Somebody tell me WHO's dumb idea this was anyway???

Oh... well... thAt would be me.

So, you know how when you're travelling, you never drink enough water? I mean, first, you don't always think of it, second, it's usually massively inconvenient to find a bathroom while you're out and about (an in Alaska you better be looking for the largest tree to get behind that doesn't hide a moose...), and third, a diet coke just tastes REEEEEALLY good while you're on vacation, darn it!!

RACING TIP: Six large glasses of water the day of the race WILL NOT make up for six DAYS of improper hydration.
Going on vacation and the days preceeding the trip are just so hectic. Preparing to go, going, and even while you're there, it's just really difficult to keep up with your work out routine. Going here, going there, sightseeing... Having time for your workout takes some real dedication. And when it's your vacation... well... it's just hard to find the motivation to do more than be comfortable and enjoy yourself.

RACING TIP: Running a 5K (3.1 miles) will not make up for only running 3.1 miles in the entirety of the previous month. Also may cause pain... Ok... WILL cause pain.

Who would have thought that there was ANYTHING good about humidity?? Well, it's Arctic Tundra up here. That means, pretty much, cold desert. And desert air is DRY. Yes, take a moment to let that little piece of information sink in... DUH! Be prepared, right? A mint in the mouth or something, right? I thought that running in the hot humid air at home was about the worst thing ever. And it is bad, but...

RACING TIP: When running a race in any type of dry air situation, such as in Alaska, carry a little bag with you to catch the lung you are going to cough up during the first half mile. Maybe it can be saved...

For real, you should never assume. Know the old saying? When you assume, you make an... well, you know the rest. I ASSUMED that there would be a water station half way in this race. I've never been to any kind of race, no matter how short, that didn't have at least one water station. So, of course, since I had ASSUMED that there would be water, I didn't bring any for myself. (Yeah, can you say "Katrina victim"?) Dry air, dehydrated, not exactly on top of getting in my miles... By halfway, I was dying for some water. And really looking forward to it. When we got halfway and there was NO water, I was like, "Whaaaaa?? Where's the water station?" The resident Alaskans racing around me said, "A water station? There will be water at the finish... crazy funny accent lady... geez..."  We were running along the Chena River and it was really nice... Until I kept visualizing flinging myself INTO it and trying to hydrate from the outside in!!

RACING TIP:Do not ASSUME anyone will have water for you during a race. Bring water for your own dang self! Be responsible! Don't be a victim...

At my house when you do something reeeeeally not smart you get the title: Dumb Head. It's quite the coveted title amongst the visiting kids that aren't mine but might as well be...  It's usually pretty funny seeing who's going to get the title for the day: Noah, Jonah, Rebekah, Ryan, Taylor, Ben, Austin... Any regular at the Corbin household gets an opportunity to bear the title. But for this segment I think I know who qualifies the most:

Y'all have a great day.
Dumb Head

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Why is getting ready to go somewhere always so dang hard?

     After trying to spend the day productively I have decided to just quit. Some things just shouldn't be so hard.
     As many of you may know, I am about to head off to Alaska with my niece and my eldest son to see my sister. We leave on Saturday. And I am STILL not packed... Yeah, I know...
     My kids were gone this morning working for my aunt in her yard and I was going to be home ALONE! You know, actually be able to think! To see exactly what I needed to get packed, cover my bases at home, etc, etc, etc... I was so ready to get in there and DIG IN! And would you like to know what I did?
      I spent my ENTIRE alone time chasing stinkin' animals!!!

     Somehow one of my gates was partially broken and hanging open and every stinking animal in the lot was out. Goats, horses, sheep, MULE!!!! I felt like I was herding CATS! Eventually, I got all of them put up except the #%^&E$#$%&$%$#%^%& MULE... Chased her all over the property. Decided to just give up and shoot her ... just as the children came home. Youngest DS walks up to her and says, "Alice! What are you doing out? Come on girl..." and just walks her right thru the barn and into the pasture. Can I just say:
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (since I didnt' scream out loud at that moment, y'all just got my scream. Sorry...)
     So, disaster averted... No #*%$#@ mule to bury today.

    So now, to get back into the house and back to my business... And, of course, it's lunchtime and I have to feed people. So into the kitchen I go...
    Finally... People fed, things straightened up, headed to work on stuff for my trip AND... DH calls and says, "go getcha cow across the road from the neighbor's house..."

     Whaaaaaaa???? The COW???

     So here I am riding down the road on the 4wheeler with a cow trotting along beside me on a lead rope... (NO stinkin' packin' done as of YET in my household, mind you...) I looked like I was training her for the Bovine 1500M! I mean, REALLY??? WHERE is the video camera when you just know you could win the $50,000 grand prize on America's Funniest Home Videos???

     Cow put up back in the pen with her feller and I have got to get this stuff done... What time is it? Of course it is... It's time to leave and take my kids to our last homeschool skating day... Just 'cause I'm that kind of awesome mommy that does nice things like that for my kids... and because I had to carry Noah's friend Ryan to his mama... (well, I AM one of those kind of mommies most of the time!! Gimme a break... it's been a BAD DAY!!!)

     Ok, so skating wasn't so bad... Got to see several friends I've been missing. Kids had fun. So not too bad. Ok. I can stand running over to Big Lots. I only have to get 2 things. I can do this. Gallon zipper bags and quart zipper bags. I know right where they are, I can just go straight in there and get them... In and out in five. Ready, set, hut! Okay, here I go... neeeeroouuunyyyahhh.... zooming thru the parking lot & into the door... Ooo, baskets... No! I'm on a mission!  Zipper bags, at the back, blinders on, in and out... in and out... I think I can, I think I can, I think I can... Ok, right back here, around this corner....

    Oh. You. Have. GOT. To. Be. KIDDING! ME!

    The whole entire shelving unit - garbage bags to sandwich baggies - is blockaded by pallets of shrink wrapped bottled water and potting soil. (Well, SOMEbody is planning on folks planting a rainforest and then being extremely thirsty afterward!)  

    Mom down in aisle 10! Mom down in aisle 10!
 Well, not really, but I was thinking about it! Dadgummit!! What is UP with this day????

    So, staffer called, pallet moved... "No, honey, just this pallet... I only need zipper bags. No, not bigger bags, just zipper bags. You know? Ziploc bags? Yes! No. Those are sandwich baggies... Those don't even close really. They just fold over. I need quart and gallon size. No it doesn't matter what brand, just first ones you come to. What? I don't care if they're storage or freezer. Just the first ones you come to. NO! NOT THE SANDWICH BAGGIES!!! The ones that zip at the top and close up so you won't spill your food out all over your fridge! No I'm not planning on putting up vegetables with these, I'm packing to go on a trip and I need them for my suitcase. Alaska. Yes, I've seen Ice Road Truckers. Mmmhmmm... Fairbanks. (!!!) Yes, I know that's where their headquarters is. My son is planning on trying to go there. Mmmhmm... No. I don't really know who any of them are. Get you an autograph? Ummm... Well... umm... I may not even go. My sister's fiance may be taking him. Umm... yeah. Ok. Well, IF I get to meet her I'll try to get you an autograph. Ok. Yes those are the bags I need. Ok... Yes, thank you... You have a nice day too..." (oh my gosh!! Legs Move FASTER!! mumble mumble... just what I need. Now I can't come back to freakin' Big Lots cause I'll be afraid to run into Ice Road Truckers Groupie and be forced to explain why I don't have an autograph from Whatshername! mumble.. mumble... Geez!)

    Finally, back in my truck. I am so ready to go home. Who's stupid idea was it to come to Big Lots anyway???

    "Mama, what's for supper?" youngest DS
    "We have spaghetti left in the fridge... we'll heat that up. I am not in the mood to be cookin'"
    "Umm... I...kinda... ate...the last of the spaghetti..." oldest DS
     Breathe in... breathe out... iiiiin... ouuuut....

     Fine. Ok. This is OOOOO-kay... KFC is right across the road. No big. Drive thru. Problem solved. Mmmm... the line is pretty long. I'll just go inside. It's probably quicker.

     Yeah, right. 

     "I'd like to get two of the 7 piece specials. Crispy & grilled. Mashed potatoes. Yes, I know, but it's cheaper to get two of the 7 piece deals. I'll just take that. No, thank you. We don't need a cake. Yes I know it's free with the other meal, but we get more chicken for the same price this way. But I don't want a cake so it doesn't matter that the other deal comes with a cake. Yes. Two of the 7 piece deals. One crispy, one grilled. ??? No, I meant one 7 piece ORDER grilled and one crispy. No, I don't have 7 orders... 7 pieces of chicken grilled, 7 pieces crispy. 2 of the 7 piece deals... Get it? Yay! Ok. (Smile, smile... don't let them know that you're secretly plotting a SMACKDOWN at KFC and Big Lots...)"

    4 box issues, 1 dropped order of chicken, and a heavy substitution of white meat for dark meat later,  I am on my way home.

    Did he ever tell me how much my chicken was? Did I PAY for that?? (At this point, I'm still not sure. I'm hoping it will come to me tomorrow which, of course, I'm certain will entail a trip into Tupelo to go pay for chicken I was too tired to eat taking time I really don't have to take. Sigh...)

    I'm just gonna sit on the couch for a minute or two...

   "Mooooooommmm! Somebody's out here with a goat."


    "Ms. Corbin, I'm sorry to bother you but I didn't know what to do. This little one is just choking and she can't breathe and I just put her in the car and came over here cause I don't want her to die and the vet is gone and I just didn't know what else to do. I thought you might know what to do cause I'm just kinda nervous and upset and... Oh! Bless her! Look! She can't breathe! She's choking and all that foam coming out of her mouth!"

    (Side note! Now before anybody starts calling ASPCA, this sweet lady LOVES her goats! I helped get her baby going again, had her suction the foam out of baby's nose and baby is back with mom and doing well. Crisis averted! Ta da!) 

     Whew... Ok, now I'll sit down and finish this on the computer... Ok... itenerary...

     "Mooooommmm! Somebody's at the door..."

     Somebody call Jeff Foxworthy. I just know there's a bad redneck joke in all this somewhere...


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Of Songs, Literal Kids, and Belly Laughs...

Ok, I realize that it's entirely possible that I'm the only mom in the world who takes phrases spoken by my children and matches them up with songs. You know what I'm talking about, right? Your child says something that triggers a memory from days long gone by and you suddenly break out into some obscure (or sometimes not) song that has matching lyrics? Well, sorta like this:

Mom - "Good morning, baby. How do you feel today?"
Child - "Good. I feel good..."
Mom - (cue music) "WOW!! I feel good... nana nana nana na... I knew that I would... nana nana nana na..."
Child - (eye roll) "Ma-omm..."

No? Well whatever. Maybe I AM the only one who does that. But really, there IS a song for everything.

So today one of my children mentioned something about things going up and coming back down. So...

Ok, I'm waiting to hear it... Anybody breaking into a little "Spinning Wheel"? A little Blood, Sweat, & Tears from the 60's? Hmmm... Just me again, I see.

Anyway, I broke out into the song... (cue music) "what goes up - must come down... spinnin' wheel got to go 'round... hum hmm hmmm..." and before I can say another word my eldest DS Noah (who is 15 now and knows nearly everything) says, "Humph... Don't know the name of that song but it's got to be "DUH"!"

Yeah, took me a minute too and then I belly laughed for a gooooood 10 minutes.

Gotta love the literalistic mind of children...


P.S. By the way, a MOTHER wrote "Spinning Wheel" whilst she watched her children enjoying a ride on a carousel at the park in Seattle, WA in the early 60's. She sold the rights to it for $250 and the song is still making money today. (and I'm guessing that it's just a biiiiiit more than the original $250) Sounds like my kinda luck...

Monday, September 20, 2010

The sun, and the earth, and Jupiter, and Mars...

Remember this song?

"He's still working on me...
To make me what I ought to be.
Took Him just a week to make the moon and the stars...
The sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars.
How loving and patient He must be...
Cause He's still workin' on me."

O my goodness... It's been nearly a year since I blogged last. Talk about falling off the wagon! Maybe you could say I'm striving for quality if not for quantity. But tonight I just have to say I am totally overwhelmed!!! In a good way! Did you go out and look at Jupiter tonight? The way I understood it, just after midnight, Jupiter was closer to the earth than it has been since 1963 and will not be visible to the naked eye again until 2022. I feel so privileged to have been able to see this!!! When I first went out, I took a look and thought, "Well, that's cool." But when we took out the binoculars.... WOW!!!! We were looking through those and we could even see the MOONS around Jupiter. I can't even imagine how awesome it was to see for somebody who had a telescope. I mean MY GOODNESS!! MY EYES actually rested on JUPITER!! I'll be singing that part of "He's Still Workin' On Me" for a week now! "...the sun and the earth and Jupiter and Mars..." Makes me feel so small...

And it got me to thinkin'... I began to think about those binoculars. When I looked at Jupiter through those things, it was kind of like... having my eyes opened. Without them... Well... I can say that I knew Jupiter was there, that I could see it, that I even got a little bit of the thrill of knowing I was seeing a once in a lifetime thing. But when I looked through those binoculars... Oh BOY! I could see things I hadn't seen before! I saw those moons, the shape of their orbit around Jupiter, the size of the planet in relation to its moons... Stuff I would never have been able to enjoy without my "eye opening" experience. Isn't it so much like that with God in our lives? We view the world with our eyes and see things, but we don't really think much of it. But it's when we view the world through the lens of God's Word that we see it in a whole different light. Or when the Holy Spirit highlights something, it's then that it takes on a whole new look. How awesome God is! Tonight as I looked at His creation and felt the privilege of being able to see with my own eyes something I never thought I would see, I was speechless. (Hard to believe, I know...) But all I could say is, "Wow!" I mean what else do you say? WOW!! But how speechless would we be if we were looking through spiritual "binoculars" more often? Having our eyes opened to take a look at what God really is doing in us, through us, and for us? Wow...

I saw Jupiter... With my own eyes; not in a book or on TV - with my own two puny little eyes. I feel like I'm seeing the universe for the first time. Reminds me of how much God loves me. He created all that awesomeness and yet he cares for me.

As my friend used to tell me, "If that don't light your fire, your wood's wet!"

Praying that God gives you a pair of "binoculars" to walk around with tomorrow - uh, I mean today!

Much love...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Getting a Leg Up...

Well, maybe not a leg up, so to speak, but maybe getting a leg fixed. So many of you have been wonderful to call and check on Noah and his Dr. visit.... Well, here's the scoop.

We don't know anything yet.

Ha! It's true! And trust me, it's as frustrating for me to write as it is for you to read! We made our appointment on Wednesday for the initial visit (Hi, my name is Dr. Soandso... what are we going to do for Mr. Noah today?) and of course, he had to go for an MRI before the Dr. even knew what was going on. And since I had the opportunity to be in Jackson for 3 days, I made us available for appts. for those days. Well, the Lord always knows what he's doing, ya know? There was a problem with their MRI service that they couldn't get us in for an MRI until Friday afternoon - too late to have a follow-up visit with the Dr. I mentioned to the nurse that my brother in law is a radiologist and I could get an MRI at his MobileMRI probably that next day. The Dr. was perfectly OK with that and (God love my brother in law, Joe) we were in the clinic having an MRI that very afternoon. (I mean, no need to wait until Thursday, right?) My BIL was able to read the MRI as I stood in his office and he explained the whole thing to me, pointing out what he saw and letting me know what he made of the whole thing. Let me just tell you, I AM SO THANKFUL FOR THIS ONE THING!!! God knows me. Bless His Holy Name! He knows that I am in need of information whether I fully understand it or not. I am so thankful that my BIL was able to do this. Not only do I trust him completely, he took the time to thoroughly examine the film, explain it to me, and talk with me about it for nearly an hour. That was such a blessing to me. I am thankful the Lord loves me, warts and all. And that He loves me even when I don't have the faith of a little child. I fret so much when I don't know what's going on. I need information even tho I may not be able to do a thing with it. And bless the Lord, He worked it all out so that I would be comforted with having my nephew conduct the MRI (oh, did I mention that little tidbit? Isn't God good!!), my BIL reading and explaining the film to me, and with no waiting!! As my friend Cindy likes to say, "God's showin' out today!"

Okay, back to the knee...

So, Noah has a crooked leg. We knew that. But what we didn't know is that his leg is at a 20 degree angle and that angle is exhaserbating a torn miniscus. The miniscus tear probably happened at the original injury, but since Noah has had a growth spurt that made the leg more crooked, the bones are squeezing the cartiledge and tearing it more. (I think that's right) We also know that Noah will have to have surgery. He will require a sports medicine MD to repair the miniscus injury and the orthopedic MD to work on straightening the leg. And we do know that both these things will be done in the same surgery. What we don't know is what exactly the proceedure is for straightening the leg nor when it will be done. The doctor didn't want to answer any questions until he consulted with some other physicians and figured out the best course of action. Please be in prayer for Dr. McCluskey as he makes these plans. Pray that God will guide him in all things concerning this surgery. I do know that this Dr. is a believer (praise the Lamb), that he is a homeschool dad (that elevated his status immediately, didn't it??? LOL!), and that he has been forthright with us up to this point. I value that greatly. I appreciate his directness.

So now we wait. We'll wait until Dr. M calls us to talk about surgery options and we'll go from there. Please also be in prayer for us as we make decisions that will affect Noah for the rest of his life. I know the Lord has a plan for Noah in all this. I have known it since the beginning. I do believe with all my heart that the Lord will use this to grow Noah, to strengthen his character, and to draw him closer to Himself. I have such an assurance of that. I guess my prayer is just that I don't get in God's way. That I am seeking His will diligently and straining my ears to hear His voice and guidance in every decision.

Thank you all for your prayers, love, support, and concern. I promise to keep you updated.
I love you all,

Friday, October 2, 2009

In His Hands...

As many of you know, my DH began a new job yesterday.

And, to my dismay, I cried all day long.

I couldn't even tell you, precisely, what I was crying about. I just knew that every time I thought of him with that gun and badge back on my heart squeezed... and I cried. And every time a friend asked me, "Well, how are you today?" I couldn't answer for all the tears. I mean, how much more ridiculous could I have been yesterday? I was weeping as if he had died... But he was still alive and I was no good to him or for him because I was in such a GRIP of fear! What can you do when you feel like you are flying apart? No matter how much my dear, precious friends tried to comfort me, they just couldn't reach that part of me that held no logic and couldn't be reasoned with. That little child that was huddled in the corner, sobbing, with her face hidden and her thumb in her mouth, having sure knowledge that something wicked and awful was coming for her. I couldn't talk to her. I tried. I couldn't reason with her. I tried that. I even threatened her and berated her for her foolishness. I couldn't even take the "Mommy Tone" with her and bring about her submission thru authority. Again, I tried.

So I prayed.

And tho my authority was not enough to coax the weeping child from the corner, the authority of my King, Jesus My Redeemer was more than enough. And she ran, weeping and clinging to the Savior. And He just held her. He held her as she wept, comforted her with assurances that have no words, and reminded her of His promises as he read to her from His Word. And through the day as she would be fearful again, He would take hold of her and comfort her once more, giving her more promises from His Word. He gently and faithfully reminded her of His faithfulness and His love that has no end... And all day long He loved her in tangible ways that only she could see. Which made it all the more precious because she knew that it was only for her. And that the Savior of the World, the King of the Universe, the Lord of Glory spent His time to comfort her in her foolishness and insecurities... She had no words.

Now today as the little girl and I are one once again, I marvel at the fountain of GRACE that my Savior poured out on me. I am more than thankful... No, there are no words. I am more than moved... it can't be measured by space or distance. I am astounded. I am in awe.

I am His.

And He is mine.

And none can separate me from the love of my Savior for He said it was so.

"nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord." Romans 8:39

And yesterday as I felt imprisoned and chained by the GRIP of fear, today I can see that it's not fear whose GRIP I'm in. I'm in HIS GRIP... In the nail scarred hands of Jesus my Lord who DIED for me! I know He will never let me go...
" one will snatch them out of my hand." John 10:28b

He will never leave me nor forsake me. He shall be My Defender (thank you E for being the word of the Lord and sharing that with me...).

And best of all, "Be not afraid of sudden fear, neither of the desolation of the wicked when it cometh. For the Lord shall be thy confidence, and shall keep thy foot from being taken." (Prov. 3:25&26) He is My Confidence!! I am nothing of myself! There is nothing that can happen to me, my DH, our marriage, our family that He does not allow! It's ALL in His Hands. And nothing that is in His hands shall ever be snatched from it.
Stealing a line from my dear friend who signs her letters this way:
In His Grip...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Introducing the newest member of our family....

Elliot is our new foster child. He was found under someone's CAR, in their garage. We think he's around 2 1/2 weeks old. He weighs a whole 4lbs and 4 oz.

We got a call that a friend of a friend had a fawn that needed someone to care for it. Well, of course, the nuts at the Corbin Farm and Petting Zoo were the first people our friend thought of! Imagine that....

And, as you would expect, my children are all but beside themselves about having Elliot with us. Everybody wanted to hold him. Everybody wanted to know when they could give him a bottle. Who was going to get to fix his bed... And, "Mama, can he sleep in MY room tonight??" They've been going around telling each other "Shhhh! You're being too loud for Elliot!" They're being very sensitive about frightening him with loud noises and too much boisterous activity. They were having some of the Chunn kiddos over tonight and I heard them giving them the low down on how to behave with the "baby" in the house! What a hoot!

They are having a hard time with the concept that he's only fostering with us until he can care for himself. They don't understand why we can't just keep him.

Hmmm... let's think about this, shall we? 120lb buck, sharp hooves, deadly rack of horns, and RUT... NOOOT!

But we're gonna enjoy him while we have him. He's already checking things out, being nosy, following us around and trying to figure out why his feet won't stay together on the tile!

You know, it's times like these, that seem to happen so often with us, that make me thankful all over again that we homeschool our children. It's just one more thing that my kids will have the joy of experiencing. One more thing to enrich their lives. One more thing that they probably would not have had the chance to experience outside of a homeschool environment. It really makes me wonder what the Lord has in store for me and my children. What is He going to teach us thru the raising of this little deer?
Sunday we read in the Psalms 42 "As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God." Do my children understand that the hart is a deer? That as a deer in the wild travels far and seeks diligently for the refreshment of the cool creek or stream in the woods, our heart should be seeking God's will, His "water" of refreshment? Will I be able to share with them the importance of the deer finding the good water? How it will die if it doesn't have the water? And how when it has gone too long without water it pants for that water? Will I be able to show and explain to them how like that deer we are? That we will die inside without our Savior? That when we spend too long away from Him we become parched, withered, and wilted in our soul? Will I be able to help them understand that when we don't spend time with our Savior EVERY day our soul pants for His presence?

Or is this all for me? To remind me that I need Him EVERY day, EVERY hour, and in EVERY situation? Whether it's for my kids, for me, or both I thank Him for the lessons I know we are going to learn.

Praising His Name,

"I need thee, o I need thee... Every hour I need thee. O bless me now, My Savior, I come to thee." -from the song I Need Thee Every Hour